Baltic Cruise — Helsinki, then on to Klaipėda

Vision of the Seas in Helsinki

Most of this week I’ll be showing you Klaipėda, Lithuania, but I’m also today going to throw in Helsinki, Finland because the weather was so dismal and rainy I didn’t get many photos, let alone worthwhile ones. As such, here’s one more shot of Helsinki before we move on today:

Helsinki, Finland

Besides, Klaipėda, Lithuania was much more picturesque anyway, so let’s skip Helsinki and move on.

Klaipėda, Lithuania

Klaipėda is a really fun place to walk around. Indeed, next to Talinn, Estonia, it was one of Ursula’s favorite Baltic stops on this cruise. Here, the building are rustic, including exposed timber framing:

Klaipėda, Lithuania

Klaipėda, Lithuania

The colors sometimes bright:

Klaipėda, Lithuania

And even the occasional splash of art in the street:

Klaipėda, Lithuania



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