Baltic Cruise — Riga, Latvia Part 5

Riga Art Nouveau

As I mentioned previously, Riga is famed for its extensive collection of Art Nouveau architecture. That will be the sole focus of today’s article.

Riga Art Nouveau

Most of Riga’s Art Nouveau is concentrated in the city center, where up to one-third of the buildings there reflect this style dating back to the late 19th-early 20th centuries. And many fine examples of this style are found in the façades of the apartment buildings on Albert Street (Alberta iela).

Riga Art Nouveau

Even though it’s a bit ornate even by Riga’s Art Nouveau standards, my favorite photographic subject is the blue apartment building at 8 Albert Street. This Mikhail Eisenstein design is absolutely stunning, and it is but one of three Eisenstein-designed buildings situated alongside each other — addresses 6 and 4 Albert Street.

Riga Art Nouveau

So, let’s enjoy a few more of Riga’s Art Nouveau gems, shall we:



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  1. I enjoyed my weekend in Riga and would like to return sometime

  2. Riga was beautiful.

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