Baltic Cruise — Riga, Latvia Part 4

Riga, Latvia

The family residing in the mansion depicted above were rather interesting. Gomez and his wife Morticia had two lovely children — Wednesday and Pugsly. Just kidding, of course, but this structure definitely had an Addams Family feel to it. I could almost mentally picture Gomez sharpening the spikes on the fencing.

Riga, Latvia

I’ve mentioned several times now that Riga is famed for its extensive collection of Art Nouveau architecture. So, what exactly are the hallmarks of Art Nouveau? Well, it’s decorative, for sure. It also incorporates flowing, curvy lines, much like the Catalan Modernism style employed by Antoni Gaudi, but not nearly to the degree he advanced the form. For images of Gaudi’s masterpiece, see my two-part series on Sagrada Familia beginning at this link. Here are some other Art Nouveau examples from Riga:

Here is an interesting building depicting various coats of arms for Latvia districts:

Districts of Latvia

Riga coat of arms

Images of Riga’s many gardens:

Riga, Latvia

Riga, Latvia


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