Copenhagen Photo Tour — Part 5

Copenhagen Photo Tour

Over the past two weeks I’ve given you a flavor of what to expect on your trip to Copenhagen, including descriptions of what you’ll see (or taste, in the way of a cheesecake break). This week I’ll concentrate on mostly images. But before I do, below is an image that requires a bit of explaining. In Copenhagen City Hall is a rather unique clock. This masterpiece in gold-gilded brass is Jen Olsen’s World Clock, which not only gives the time and Gregorian calendar date, but also denotes solar time, local times in various global locations, astronomical position data for everything from constellations to planets, sunrise and sunset times, and even future holiday dates including Easter. This clock is hand-wound weekly, and is one of the most accurate timepieces in existence short of an atomic clock. Here is the back side of this horological wonder:

Jens Olsen World Clock in City Hall

Now for more Copenhagen tour images:


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  1. What beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing!