54 Days at Sea — Saying ‘Goodbye’ to Valletta, Malta

Valletta, Malta

It was growing late, and Ursula and I had to start heading back to M.S. Prinsendam, lest we be left behind. In case you’re wondering what happens in that event, the ship sails off without you and you’re responsible to either get to the next port, or find your way home . . . at your expense.

Valletta, Malta

Our next port of call would be Cadiz, Spain, and that would be after two days at sea. Needless to say, missing the boat is not an option in such a case. The straight-line distance from Valletta to Cadiz is almost 1,160 miles/1,870 kilometers. That’s over five hours by air, and would probably cost the two of us over $1,500 in fares. And straight-line isn’t a route that a cruise ship can take. You have to sail north of Tunisia, turn west for the Alboran Sea, through the Strait of Gibraltar, then turn northwest to Cadiz.

Valletta, Malta

As you can tell from above, M.S. Prinsendam is about to leave behind the Mediterranean Sea for the return trip to the United States. But don’t fret. We still have several ports of call left to go.

Valletta, Malta

So, Ursula and I headed back to the Port of Valletta and our awaiting ship. Along the way we got in a few more sights:

Valletta, Malta

M.S. Prinsendam set sail some time around 5:00 p.m., and we got an impressive cannonade sendoff. Either that, or the Maltese were trying to stop a passenger with a bad credit card:

Cannon sendoff

Heading down the line

drop off onto M.S. Prinsendam the harbor pilot tasked with guiding us safely out of Valletta Harbor.

PIlot Boat

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