54 Days at Sea — Ephesus Architecture Part 2

Ephesus Amphitheater and columns lining Harbour Street

Above you’ll see a photograph of the 24,000-seat Ephesus Amphitheater, and running along the front of the image is the column-lined Harbour Street. Harbour Street (also Arcadian Street) linked the main city to the natural harbor and existed for most of the city’s existence. But, this is no longer the case. Erosion of the cultivated land and river silt from the Küçükmenderes River filled the natural harbor. Today, the harbor is filled, the coastline lies some 2 to 2½ miles/3 to 4 kilometers distant, and the city was abandoned when it could no longer serve as a port.

Ephesus, Turkey

Here is a view of the Fountain of Trajan (more images below):

Fountain of Trajan

Another image of the arch to the Temple of Hadrian:

Temple of Hadrian

This view of the Library of Celsus awaits you in Ephesus:

Library of Celsus

I don’t have any information on this particular relief, but it appears to be an image of one of the Gorgon, possibly Medusa:

Ephesus, Turkey

Now for more fun architectural images from Ephesus:

Fountain of Trajan

Fountain of Trajan

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