54 Days at Sea — April 25; Kuşadası and Ephesus, Turkey

M.S. Prinsendam’s Captain on the flying bridge; Kuşadası tugboat

Only one day after leaving behind Volos, Greece (and Meteora), M.S. Prinsendam made port in Kuşadası, Turkey. Heading into port we passed Güvercinada, which translates from Turkish to Pigeon Island.

Güvercinada (Pigeon Island), Kuşadası

We found that Holland America’s M.S. Eurodam beat us there. While the M.S. Eurodam may appear gigantic next to M.S. Prinsendam, it’s actually not that large a ship. It 86,273 gross tons, measures 935 feet/285 meters in length, houses eleven passenger decks, and has capacity for just over 2,100 passengers and 929 crew.

Signature-class ship M.S. Eurodam

But when you place alongside her the diminutive M.S. Prinsendam, she seems much larger than that. That’s because M.S. Prinsendam is only 38,848 gross tons, 674 feet/205 meters long, contains two fewer passenger decks, and can accommodate a maximum of only 835 passengers and 460 crew.

Tiny M.S. Prinsendam next to the M.S. Eurodam

M.S. Prinsendam and M.S. Eurodam

Ursula and I would not be spending much time in Kuşadası, as we had a long day ahead, many places to go, and much to see. So, here’s one more photograph of Kuşadası before we get going:

Kuşadası, Turkey

The first of several stops this day was the ancient Greek (and later Roman) city of Ephesus on Turkey’s Ionian Coast. Get ready to spend a lot of time exploring this place, as you’ll be viewing photos of it beginning today and extending over the next three weeks. After leaving Ephesus, I’ll take you along for views of the nearby Basilica of St. John where Apostle John is believed buried, then continue on to the House of the Virgin Mary, where it is claimed by some that Mary lived out the latter years of her life.

But before I leave you today, I’ll give a a taste of Ephesus:

Columns lining an ancient Ephesus street

Library of Celsus

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