Ecuador — The Middle of the World

Middle of the World monument

As noted on Monday’s article, the Middle of the World monument located here near Quito is actually about 787 feet/240 meters south of the equator. The French miss-measured just a tad way back in 1736, and the Ecuadorians never got around to correcting them.

Latitude 000° 00′ 00″ give or take 747 Feet/240 meters

But, it’s close enough for most of us.

Middle of the World monument

While we were here I got to view a couple of really old automobiles. For those of you younger than I who think the BMW Mini Cooper is a modern vehicle, let me introduce you to one of the real Mini Coopers, produced in England. The first Minis were made by British Motor Corporation from 1959 to 1968. Then came British Leyland, which produced the same basic Mini for another eighteen years. When British Leyland collapsed, the Mini soldiered on as a product of Rover Group from 1986 until 2000.

An original Mini Cooper

How about something just a tad older? Something from the 1940s, perhaps? Here is a neat old Dodge Truck converted for use as a bus of sorts.

1940s-era Dodge truck

Now for a photo gallery/slide show from the Middle of the World:


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  1. karenwojcikberner

    Love the real Mini Cooper! Haven’t seen one in a long time.