The Myths Driving the Magazine Capacity Debate — and How They Get You Killed

The FNH FNX9 comes standard with three 17-round magazines — Total capacity 52 rounds (51+1 in the chamber) 9mm

Several uninformed, firearms-ignorant, but highly opinionated gun control advocates have recently made magazine capacity their latest target (pun intended) in their attempt to disarm law abiding citizens rather than address the issue of firearms abuse by those who do not abide by laws.  Regular readers of my blog know where I stand on that (see:  When Will We Rein in these Deliverers of Death?) — denying the law abiding access to firearms because of law breakers is akin to denying the law abiding access to automobiles because of drunk drivers, or those who would use vehicles to kill and maim.  The rational among us realize that the former makes as much since as the latter.  Those with an irrational fear of firearms?  Not so much.

The FNH FNX45 comes standard with three 15-round magazines — Total capacity 46 rounds (45+1 in the chamber) of .45 ACP

Recently New York and Colorado became among the latest to jump on the magazine capacity bandwagon.  But how informed was this legislation?  How much safer are the citizens of these states because of these bans on arbitrarily defined “high-capacity” magazines?  What have citizens been asked to give up in return for this supposed increase in safety?

The first video below demonstrates very convincingly the myths behind magazine capacity limits.  It was produced by Ken Campbell, Sheriff of Boone County, Indiana.  The first 1:44 is a bit slow so you can skip ahead if you don’t want to read through the background, but I highly encourage you to watch the remainder to do something Michael Bloomberg and others have not — to actually get educated on the issue:

This second video demonstrates the principle point made by Sheriff Campbell in his video — limiting magazine capacity limits the ability of the law abiding to defend themselves.  The scenario in this video is not only realistic, it’s actually more common than you think — people defending themselves really do run out of ammunition, and six-round or even ten-round limits on magazines really are unrealistic in a self-defense situation no matter how good your training:

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