Puerto Vallarta — Statues of the Malecón, Part 2

The Unofficial "Symbol" of Puerto Vallarta — "Caballito de Mar" (Seahorse), Rafael Zamarripa

The Unofficial “Symbol” of Puerto Vallarta — “Caballito de Mar” (Seahorse), Rafael Zamarripa

As beautiful as the shoreline is along the Malecón of Puerto Vallarto, it’s the statuary that steal the show here.  Alas, that doesn’t mean that the statues are immune from vandalism.  Carlos Espino’s statue of Triton once possessed a trident and a right arm.  First to go was the trident, and on our latest trip even the right arm was missing.

"Triton and the Mermaid", Carlos Espino — Triton's arm and trident now missing

“Triton and the Mermaid”, Carlos Espino — Triton’s arm and trident now missing

Fortunately such shenanigans appear to be the exception, and the only wear evident on most of the statues here are from the tail end of those who would rest their feet.

"Roundabout of the Sea", Alejandro Colunga

“Roundabout of the Sea”, Alejandro Colunga

Which is perfectly all right with the locals.  Many of these statues were meant to double as seats and benches.

"Roundabout of the Sea", Alejandro Colunga

“Roundabout of the Sea”, Alejandro Colunga

Although some of these seats can border on the bizarre and frightening.

"Roundabout of the Sea", Alejandro Colunga

“Roundabout of the Sea”, Alejandro Colunga

While Alejandro Colunga’s Roundabout of the Sea appears to be a tourist favorite, I also rather enjoyed the “Origen y Destino” (Origin and Destiny) collection by Pedro Tello.

"Origen y Destino" (Origin and Destiny), Pedro Tello

“Origen y Destino” (Origin and Destiny), Pedro Tello

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