More Needless Deaths in Another “Gun-Free” Zone

.45-caliber SIG P220 Equinox with Don Hume H721 concealment holster

On February 25, 1992, the Department of Defense issued Directive 5210.56, which in turn led to Army Regulation 190-14 dated March 12, 1993 and made effective on April 12, 1993.  Those two pieces of paper have in just the past four years and five months indirectly resulted in around 30 killed and upwards of another 50 more wounded — 2009 on Fort Hood, Texas; 2013 at the Washington Navy Yard, District of Columbia; and yesterday yet again at Fort Hood.

.380 Walther PPK/S and 9mm Walther P99c AS with Don Hume H721 concealment holsters

More deaths once again in yet another “Gun-Free” Zone that isn’t really gun-free because those who intend harm do not care about such designations.  What makes these military “Gun-Free” Zones so silly is that they apply to the men and women whom we train to use weapons in the defense of our country at the same time we tell them that they are not allowed to defend themselves.  These directives and regulations would be laughable if the consequences weren’t ending so tragically.

A trio of .45 ACP weapons

Denying anyone the right to self-defense is indefensible.  Denying that right to a member of the U.S. military is criminal.  It’s way beyond time for this failed social experiment known as the “Gun-Free Zone” to end.

A trio of great concealment weapons — Walther P99c AS, Beretta 84FS “Cheetah,” Walther PPK/S

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