The Windows (and Other Stuff)

Cadiz — Just One of what turned out to be a Really Great Set of (door) Knockers

Cadiz — Just One of what turned out to be a Really Great Set of Knockers . . for the Door

Today we continue our look at composing for detail rather than for the broad overview.  The latter gives you a great postcard, but the former is very often the money shot when it comes to reminiscing on past travels and finding shots worthy of framing and hanging on the wall as art.

Santorini Splash

Santorini Splash

While color can be an important element as to what makes a great shot, it is far from the only consideration.  And sometimes adhering to traditional layout such as The Rule of Thirds is essential in bringing out the most interest through creative use of negative space.  For instance, this following shot would not have had anywhere near the visual impact had the subject been centered:

Malta Shutters

Malta Shutters

On the other hand, sometimes you’ll find that a particular subject lends itself to centering and then proportion-enhancing cropping later during post processing:


As for roof shots, as sea of red tile can be quite intriguing:

Tiled Roofs of Lisbon

Tiled Roofs of Lisbon

This week’s Fun Photo Friday will present a half-dozen of some of my favorite examples.  Meanwhile, enjoy today’s slideshow (click on any image below):



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5 responses to “The Windows (and Other Stuff)

  1. Lovely shots, particularly the door knockers. Very unique.

  2. Hi, Doug, your pictures are always breathtakingly beautiful, and doors and windows are a favorite subject of mine.

  3. Gorgeous shots, as always, Doug.