Continuing Through the Wild West

Before I got sidetracked by demolitions and a reposition cruise, I was running a series on a road trip we conducted in late March through southeastern Arizona and southern New Mexico.  In that series we visited Benson where we dined at a rather unique Mexican restaurant, hiked through Kartchner Caverns, and walked the dusty streets of Tombstone.

Today we return to that fun drive through the old west by continuing on to the Victorian-rich architecture of the southernmost mile-high city in the United States — Bisbee, Arizona.  Strolling through hilly Bisbee is almost like stepping through a time warp and winding up in San Francisco before the devastating 1906 earthquake.  Bisbeen has transformed itself over the decades from an important copper mining center into an artsy community with upscale restaurants (you just know there’s a review in this) and rowdy bars.  First, let’s take a look at the town of Bisbee, and then below those pictures you’ll find information on a delightful dining establishment:

Now for that review of the great Café Roka.  Want to find a great place to eat?  Ask a local.  The locals in Bisbee were pretty unanimous — Café Roka is the place.  Reservations are a must, and we got the last ones available for a reasonable hour, but we had to sit at the bar.  Regardless, I was glad we got in.  Check out the standard menu here, and enjoy the meal as we saw it:


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  1. Linda


  2. Linda

    Yammers for Cafe Roka.

  3. If I have to travel in America again, I’ll go to Arizona and New Mexico again. We enjoyed our camping trip out there many years ago. I would have loved spending more time in Arizona but we were on tight schedule then. This post just confirms what I’ve missed in that first trip. 😉

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