The Estate of Ian Fleming: GoldenEye

The name of the estate is GoldenEye.  It is located on the Caribbean island of Jamaica.  The person who gave it the name GoldenEye was Ian Fleming.  The character Ian Fleming made famous over the course of some dozen or so books was British SIS Agent Bond . . . James Bond, aka, 007.

Equally famous to the main house structure were also Mr. Fleming’s personal beach and lagoon, where he spent many hours of the day snorkeling and entertaining guests such as his neighbor Noel Coward.  Nearby you can still explore his personal cave.  GoldenEye’s detached garage still stands as well, but has been converted into a entertainment room for the guests staying in the five-bedroom main house.  The house still horseshoes around the small pond which so intrigued Mr. Fleming.  Inside the villa most of the furniture is post-Fleming with one very important exception.  Nestled against the back wall of the main living room is the desk at which Ian Fleming toiled to produce his literary works.

Many thanks to the GoldenEye staff (and in particular Ms. Geraldine Ridley) for allowing me to visit this historic site and to photograph it.  I also want to thank a very special taxi driver who made the trip to GoldenEye an absolute adventure and a wealth of information — Mr. Desmond Callum.  You can’t do any better in acquiring a fun and informative guide than Mr. Callum, who obviously relishes in showing guests his wonderful island of Jamaica.  Desmond Callum can be reached at his cell number of (876) 381-9708.

And finally I want to thank the person who made this whole excursion a reality by coordinating the visit with the GoldenEye staff before our arrival.  That would be my lovely wife Ursula, who understood exactly how much this pilgrimage would mean to me.  Thank you, Ursula.



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6 responses to “The Estate of Ian Fleming: GoldenEye

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  2. Thanks for taking us on your Ian Fleming tour.

  3. A superb nostalgia trip, Doug. Thanks to Ursula for organizing it, and to you for sharing. Gets a bit dull saying repeatedly how fine your photographic eye is, but I’m out of advertising where such things matter a very great deal, so once more congratulations on the superior quality of your photographs.

    • Thank you so much for the kind words, André, and thanks also for dropping by a leaving a comment. I’m really glad that you enjoy my photography; it’s something at which I’ve been working for over forty years.

      I’ve been wanting to visit this very special place ever since I read John Pearson’s biography of Ian Fleming back in the late ’60s or early ’70s. What a fascinating and, in the end, tragic character he was.

  4. That must have been a fascinating tour. Thanks for sharing the photos with us. I’ve heard of Golden Eye, of course, and always wondered what the place looked like.