Fun Photo Friday

Here are nine of my favorite shots from Monument Valley taken back in October, 2006:

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And here’s an example of filtering for color in Black & White conversions.  For this demonstration I took this shot:

Monument Valley105

And then two conversions to Black & White (one filtered for green; the other for red).  Note that green filtering (left photo) lightens the sky and darkens the red earth and brown tree, while red filtering (right side) has the opposite effect of darkening the blue sky and lightening the red dirt and brown limbs:

Green Filtered Red Filtered

A trick to help analyze the visual differences in the two:  If you hold your CTL key and click on the left image, then do the same with the right, you’ll open up two additional browser tabs.  By clicking back and forth between the two tabs, you’ll alternate between enlarged versions of both pictures.



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