Dzibanché — Part 3

Dzibanché 30

While we went into the Yucatán Peninsula, we did so under fair, mostly blue skies and cotton balls of smaller cumulus.  Farther in the skies grew increasingly overcast until, arriving in Dzibanché, there was little blue to be seen.

Dzibanché 40

Dzibanché 36

But in landscapes even colorless skies can serve a purpose.  As they’re taken in monochromatic conditions, sometimes they make ideal candidates for monochromatic conversions to black and white.

Dzibanché 12

Dzibanché 20

Fortunately, the overcast abated somewhat and blue Caribbean sky made a nice backdrop to some of my later Dzibanché photographs.

Dzibanché 09

Dzibanché 51

As our time in this photographically exciting place was coming to an end, we had to get back into our van or risk waving “Bye-bye” to our shipmates as they set sail for Belize.

Dzibanché 43


Too bad that weather didn’t hold.  Shortly after leaving the Yucatán jungle behind, the clouds returned.  By the time we reached the outskirts of Costa Maya the skies opened up and cast ran down upon us.  The trek to the Norwegian Star left us both cool and damp, yet with spirits undampened.

Dzibanché 27

Dzibanché 26

Our next stop would bring us to another set of Mayan ruins, but in weather conditions not nearly as conducive to photography as those we had experienced this day.



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  1. Hauling those stones by stone structural is whoa! incredible. Great pics.