Renaissance ArtsFaire

Las Cruces, New Mexico, holds an annual Renaissance ArtsFaire that is an absolute blast to attend.  So, once again this year, we loaded ourselves into the roadster (big mistake, as you’ll soon see) and headed north from El Paso.

Althought it’s billed as an Arts Fair, Renaissance is much more than that.  Participants dress up in fancy period costume and parade about the grounds.  Innumerable food vendors ply their wares.  “Gypsies” perform sword dances.   And even rescue greyhounds are sent off to new homes.  It’s a pretty fun time for those of all ages.

Now for the story of bringing too little car to too large a source of art:

Being an Arts Fair, we of course went art shopping.  What we found (see gallery below) was something that does not fit into the trunk of a BMW Z3.  Thus, we wound up driving back to El Paso, switching out cars, and then returning to Las Cruces to load up our new acquisition.

So, here’s how a Renaissance ArtsFaire appears:



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5 responses to “Renaissance ArtsFaire

  1. How fun! And a great piece of art as well. Love it.

  2. We have one here in NC too. I just went this weekend. It was a lot of fun to see people all dressed up! Great photos!

  3. Great pics as usual. Our medieval fair always coincides with the main autumn fair (which was first held in 1035 and is the oldest continuously held fair in Germany) and ended three weeks ago. For the last few years, there’s also been a second smaller medieval fair right by the river in the weeks before Christmas.

    Small trunks are a main drawback of sportscars. When I bought my last car, I looked longingly at the lovely Mercedes SLK in the dealer’s lot that wouldn’t even have cost that much more than the car I eventually went with (the SLK was several years older though). Then I remembered that I wouldn’t be able to fit my groceries into the SLK (let alone my Mom and her groceries) and bought a sensible car instead.

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