Cruising the West Coast — San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate

The Sapphire Princess passed beneath the Golden Gate Bridge around noon on Sunday, October 7 — some twenty or so hours after departing the trip’s embarkation port of Los Angeles.  We were scheduled to dock in San Francisco at around 1:00 P.M. for a 24-hour stay.  Alas, this was Fleet Week in San Francisco, and Homeland Security had other ideas.  Despite the plans of 2,600 passengers, Homeland Security decided that allowing the Sapphire Princess to dock at the scheduled time was too much of a security risk.  There will be a mini-rant on this subject below, following the photo show, but for now we’ll concentrate of the beauty of San Francisco from the water:

Golden Gate Beneath the Clouds

Towering into the Clouds

The Marin County/Sausalito Side of the Bay

Our “Protectors” (or was it Warders?)

Our Tug Approaches

Getting Closer

Nestling Along Side

A Familiar Skyline

Coit Tower and the Transamerica Pyramid Dominate

Coit Tower

Setting Sun

Now, time for that promised mini-rant:

Risk to whom, Homeland Security?  Per U.S. regulations, passengers and their luggage are screened before boarding a cruise ship.  And if it’s the cruise ship and her passengers who are at risk, what was the danger?  If there were security concerns for the passengers, why wasn’t Fleet Week cancelled for the safety of the hundreds of thousands “at risk” ashore?  The obvious answer here, as has so often been the case since the 9/11 attacks, is that some overzealous bureaucrat out to make a name for him or herself arbitrarily decided to inconvenience 2,600 people who had dinner reservations, were meeting with loved ones who had driven in some cases hours, had prepaid tours scheduled, etc.  I’m sorry for the rant, but this kind of silliness has gotten so out of hand that it really needs to be addressed, and the person responsible for making 3,700 passengers and crew bob around the bay for five hours needs to be reassigned to a position in which they cannot continue to inconvenience people on a personal whim


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6 responses to “Cruising the West Coast — San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate

  1. Five hours!?! That is just crazy. I totally agree, R. Doug, some ridiculous bureaucrat trying to feel important. The photos are great, though. I love San Francisco.

  2. Love the fog pics. Sorry to hear about the five hour delay. At least you weren’t stuck on a plane!

  3. LadyHawk

    Your ‘rant’ is so well written and you are talking to the choir. I love the pictures – I grew up in that area – and you have captured such beautiful pictures and my memories. Thanks R. Doug. Sorry you had that long of a delay.

  4. Lovely photos of foggy San Francisco. And I’m sorry to hear about the delay due to Homeland Security. The problem with overzealous security measures is that they only inconvenience the harmless and never catch the right people.

  5. Some people just want to out-of-nowhere come out with an idea, complain or take notice just so then he can sound smart, or can say he’s doing something.

    I need to go back to San Francisco and take pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge. I don’t think mine would suffice for my standards and viewers. Hehe. Very nice pictures.

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