Cruising the West Coast Aboard the Sapphire Princess

If it appeared that last week’s blogs were a bit canned, there’s a good reason.  They were.  I wrote them a week in advance and scheduled them for automatic posting because I was headed out of town.

Friday after work we loaded onto a flight to Los Angeles.  Saturday found us aboard Princess Cruises’ recently refurbished Sapphire Princess.  This was our second voyage aboard this particular ship, with the previous cruise taking place in May of 2009 for a Costco Wine Cruise.  Alas, this cruise had little to do with wine and a lot to do with nonstop sightseeing — San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Catalina Island, San Diego, and a trip to Mexico’s Northern Baja Peninsula and the quaint little town of Ensenada.

I must say that she’s a handsome ship.

Sapphire Princess

Sapphire Princess


One of the first things I sensed upon boarding was the unnerving realization that either the crew lists to port or the ship lists to starboard:

The Crew Lists to Port

And if that realization weren’t startling enough, we then stumbled upon the Black Box (which are never black, by the way).

The Orange “Black Box”

At any rate, the retrofit that the Sapphire Princess underwent earlier this year really shows in the ship’s interior, most notable in the massive three-story Piazza.

The Piazza

The Piazza

Here are a few other scenes from around the Sapphire Princess:

The Casino

Covered Pool

Princess Theater

The Wheelhouse Bar

Explorer Lounge

Just One of Several Formal Dining Rooms









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7 responses to “Cruising the West Coast Aboard the Sapphire Princess

  1. Sandra

    Just beautiful. I’ve never been on a cruise…..DH had enough of the ocean when he was in the Navy. We’ve taken short trips like on the General Jackson, etc. I love the pictures; they give me an insight of the interrior of a cruise ship. Until now, I never thought about how luxurious the ships can be. Thanks Doug.

  2. Gorgeous ship. I have never been on a cruise either. Must check it out someday.

  3. LadyHawk

    Well, Doug, I’ve never been on a cruise either. DH thinks he might not have enough to do. :~) Of course Sandra and I could hang out and our DHs could chat a bit. haha Pictures actually impressed DH, so maybe one day we will take a ‘cruise’. Thanks so much for sharing, the pics are beautiful.

  4. Glad you all enjoyed the ship photos.

    Linda—tell hubby that there are a LOT of things to do on a cruise ship . . . even on sea days. This particular cruise itinerary had no sea days, and we ran ourselves ragged over the course of the week (as you’ll see in the upcoming series on the trip).

  5. You must have been one of the first to board. Or else you bought your on yacht. Suggest a name change if the latter. Something like…I don’t know… The Globe!

    • BWAHaHaHaHaHa. Good one!

      The best time to photograph a ship is shortly after boarding. Most people are either in their cabins unpacking or upstairs grazing the buffet.

  6. Looks like a very fine ship. Fairly new to (built in 2004) which is always good. I’m not familiar with the yard who built her, but Mitsubishi generally has a good reputation in the shipbuilding business. Sorry, but my background in the shipbuilding industry is coming through. Indeed, I’m always a bit surprised to see what cruise ships look like when they’re not in dock and under construction or being refurbished.