Spending the Day in Skagway

Skagway, Alaska, is a very popular cruise ship destination.  The town has a quaint, distinctly frontier feel about it.  But, let’s face it, Skagway’s primary raison d’être is to extract green pieces of paper from the leather holders carried by tourists.  Oh, and they take plastic, as well.  There are probably more jewelry stores per capita than just about any other place on the face of the planet.  Likewise, you’ll have little difficulty in finding fur anything.  Then there’s the gauntlet of souvenir shops one must run along the main street . . . and saloons, and restaurants, and crafts stores, and, well, you name it.

There’s also the White Pass & Yukon narrow gauge railroad.  It’s a nifty little train ride which Ursula and I did during last year’s voyage, and which we decided to skip this year as it’s getting ridiculously expensive.  Worth doing once, but it’s hard to justify making an expenditure of that nature twice.  So, this time we just stayed in town.  I photographed whilst Ursula souvenir shopped.

Photographically, Skagway shines with little architectural gems frozen in time, frozen in history, and very frozen in winter.



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4 responses to “Spending the Day in Skagway

  1. Peg Bethany

    Looks like Skagway hasn’t changed a bit in the last 11 years. The only place in the world that I know of where you can spend 10K on a fur coat but can not buy a pair of under drawers!

    Looks like you got some killer great weather earlier on your trip. Next time you pass thru Skagway – consider taking the ferry over to Haines. (If the weather is nice that is.)

  2. Linda

    Doug – as always, great pictures. Makes we want ti visit Love The Yellow House! 😉

  3. Sandra

    Great blog and pictures!