Having a Whale of a Time on the Water

I don’t usually blog about cruise legs between destinations.  But this leg was rather special.  The setting sun played magnificently upon the calm, reflective waters.  The beautiful Sea Princess rode beyond our stern, catching the golden rays that filtered between the clouds.

And, oh, yeah . . . I nearly forgot to mention the whales.  Humpbacks gave quite a show for nearly half an hour, blowing spray in the distance and occasionally venturing nearby.

Unfortunately, the whales were beyond the useable range of the Canon G1 X lens.  I had to resort to my trusty Panasonic ZS6, but the diminishing light meant upping the ISO to where digital noise became all too apparent.  That means cropping the images was simply out of the question.

Nevertheless, snapping photographs of whales is still fun to do no matter what the limitations.

Make sure to stop by next week, because this cruise is only just getting started.  There’ll be a lot more to see in upcoming installments.



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6 responses to “Having a Whale of a Time on the Water

  1. Sandra

    Gorgeous pics!

  2. Karen, Sandra—thanks to both of you. I’m so glad you liked them.

  3. Yeah, verily, I want to reach out and touch that sunset. That’s magic, Doug.

  4. Thanks, Andre. It was rather stunning, especially when reflected upon those tranquil waters.

  5. Brigitte

    Those photos are stunning, Doug!