Catch Me When You Can in Ketchikan

First stop on this trip, Ketchikan. Ketchikan, Alaska, is a magical place for photography.  Creek Street simply blooms with brightly colored turn of the century wooden buildings casting enchanting reflections from their perches atop spindly logs.  Nearly as delightfully colorful and picturesque are the buildings along the harbor that great disembarking cruise passengers in the morning, and that bid them farewell late in the afternoon.

Alas, we decided to do more this trip than just study photographic angles along Creek Street and perform studies in color along the wharf.  This time we boarded an amphibious “Duck” for a sightseeing journey that encompassed both land and sea.

Our Duck journey took as past myriad boats of all sizes and types.  We also dodged floatplanes jutting stilt-like above their ungainly pontoons.

All in all, it was quite a day.  The weather was simply magnificent and, according to the locals, one of the few rain-free days Ketchikan has experienced all this summer.

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