B&W Week—Friday

So, how do you select photographic candidates for conversion from color to black and white?  There are a number of considerations that go into the decision making process.

  • Is color vital to the picture’s “story?”
  • Are there textures from which color distracts?
  • Is the subject “vintage” in nature, or otherwise nostalgic?
  • Is the shot already monochromatic in nature?
  • Can certain aspects of the shot be enhanced and overall contrast sharpened by using color filtering techniques in the conversion process?

An affirmative reply to any of the above questions means that you may be looking at photograph that will benefit from being stripped of color.  If a particular shot meets several of the above criteria, then all the better.

Starting next week I’ll take you on our latest adventure.  Until then, here are today’s B&W examples:


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