Boogying the Backstreets of Brussels, Belgium—Part 2

Ursula and I stumbled around the Grand Place for an hour or more.  There really was that much to see.  And imagine our surprise when we ventured through the gates of one building to find a group of people in brightly colored Roman togas.

Eventually we tore ourselves from this beautiful square and continued on to our next find.  Meandering down cobblestone streets punctuated with colorful murals decorating entire walls several stories high, we made the obligatory pilgrimage to that most famous of all cherubic fountains—Manneken Pis.  The name may not be familiar, but the image will be.  Don’t get caught trying to take home this little souvenir, however.  There’s really no need.  If you find the little guy that irresistible, there are myriad shops in the immediate vicinity that will sell you a copy, often clothed in various humorous and distinctive garb.



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6 responses to “Boogying the Backstreets of Brussels, Belgium—Part 2

  1. I am always awed by the Grand Place, the architecture just leaves me speechless for a while. I still remember my second time in Brussels when the grounds of the Grand Place was turned into a huge carpet of fresh flowers. Amazing! 😉

  2. Went to Brussels last September and loved it! Your pictures put me right back there!

  3. Lovely photos. Those murals depict Belgian comic book characters BTW.