One Day Before the Sail

We’re  going to be rather busy the next several weeks, but I shall endeavor to keep up my thrice-weekly blog during that time.

Today I bring you a brief pictorial blog on Tampa, Florida (as opposed to the one in Colorado, Kansas, and Western Australia, and the three in Romania).  There won’t be a whole lot to see in this blog, as we didn’t get to spend much time here.  Fortunately, we did make reservations for Ursula’s favorite national Italian chain, so we had little difficulty in getting into an otherwise crowded Maggiano’s Little Italy.

Outside that charming restaurant was a gorgeous Ferrari-red Audi R8, and she just begged me to take her picture.

Anyway, enjoy the few shots I have for now, and tune in later for the actual trip:



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2 responses to “One Day Before the Sail

  1. elainezfw

    What’s being sold? Somehow I missed that part. 🙂

    • Believe it or not, I awoke in the middle of the night realizing I had done that. I only just now got online to fix it, though.