Trinidad and Tobago Part 3—Tobago

We end this week’s look at Trinidad and Tobago with a tour of Tobago itself.  Whereas our initial impressions of Trinidad were far from favorable (until we got out of Port-of-Spain), not so our sojourn to the island of Tobago.

Our stay was at the very resorty Hilton Tobago, which is now the VHL Tobago Golf & Spa Resort (and currently closed, as far as I can tell).  It was an incredible stay, and I hope their current status is short lived as I would very much enjoy going back sometime.  The most memorable features were the pool (with its swim-up bar) and the constant crashing of the surf in the background.  Very romantic.  Very enjoyable.

But it would be silly to go all this way only to stay at the resort.  So, we hired a taxi and did a complete circumnavigation of the island.  What an adventure!  Heavy rains had recently fallen, the hills were water-saturated, and the taxi driver kept regaling us with countless stories of people swept off the roads to their deaths by mudslides.  Reminds me of the time I was reading a book on aviation disasters for a novel I was researching while sitting in coach on a rather long flight.  At least one individual remarked to me on the inappropriateness of my choice in reading materials.  Alas, I digress . . . .

Interestingly (at least to me), our driver pointed to a small island offshore.  He told us this was Goat Island, and related that it was once the home of Ian Fleming—journalist, novelist, former naval intelligence officer, and most famously the creator of the fictional British spy James Bond.  Now, being a fan of Ian Fleming and having read at least a couple of biographies on the man, I was more than a bit skeptical of this claim.  Mr. Fleming’s Caribbean estate was Goldeneye (named after Operation Goldeneye, an intelligence operation devised and orchestrated by Ian Fleming during WWII).  Goldeney is situated on a beach near Oracabessa on the island of Jamaica (some 1,200 miles away), and I knew of absolutely no connection between Mr. Fleming at Tobago.  But, hey, you don’t punch holes in the local legend, so I let the claim slide.

Now for some views of Tobago and the former Hilton resort there:


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