Sage Advice before the Sage Dressing

T’was the day before Thanksgiving
And all through the mall
Not a shopper was stirring
No on at all

The red tags were stacked
In the stockroom with care
In hopes that TV ads
on Thursday would air

They call it “Black Friday”
And it starts at midnight
While you’re still stuffed with turkey
And can’t stand the sight

Of stuffing and pie
And mounds of green beans
While searching larger sizes
In the aisle with blue jeans

Through stereos,  through TVs
Through gizmos galore
You’ll stumble ‘round electronics
‘Til you can’t stand no more

But tomorrow’s Thanksgiving
Give shopping a rest
Time with your family
Is the time that is best

So think not of cameras
And tablets and stuff
Spend time with loved ones
The rest is just fluff

Copyright © 2011 R. Doug Wicker



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2 responses to “Sage Advice before the Sage Dressing

  1. Amen, R. Doug. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. Thank you so very much. Ursula and I are leaving this p.m. to visit some good friends (former next-door neighbors) in San Antonio. Should be having a lovely time.

    And here’s to you and yours having a great and memorable Thanksgiving gathering, Karen.