Fall in the Chihuahuan Desert—Part 1

Yes, even here in the midst of the Chihuahuan desert we have trees.  Yes, even our trees change when fall arrives.  And, yes, the colors here are also spectacular.

While El Paso’s annual rainfall is less than nine inches a year (with most of that falling between mid July and mid September), there is extensive irrigation in the valley using water from the Rio Grande.  Along this stretch of irrigated land are pecan orchards, cotton fields, and row upon row of chili, corn, alfalfa, onion, and other crops.

But aside from the farmed lands, various homeowners also landscape with trees of all types, bringing forth this time of year an explosion of color.  Sure, it can’t compete with the Northeastern U.S., or even the beautiful aspens stretching from the mountains just a short drive north of El Paso and well into the Rockies, but it’ll do.



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7 responses to “Fall in the Chihuahuan Desert—Part 1

  1. Those are photos make me homesick. I miss watching the tree leaves changing color. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You’re very welcome, Fatima. I’ll be posting more next week, after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

  3. I love fall! Your shots are beautiful.

  4. David K. Williams

    One would never know this is a desert area. Beautiful.

  5. Thanks, Dave. When’re you and Ev heading out this way again?

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