Now, a Plea on Behalf of Jacqueline Howett

This may not be popular, but so be it. Enough is enough, people.  Yes, Jacqueline Howett screwed up in a major way.  Yes, it’s true she has yet to apologize for the behavior that got her into trouble.  But, come on now.  When BigAl’s Books and Pals posted on March 22 a review on the Amazon Product Page for The Greek Seaman, his was one of only four.  Here it is only nine days later and there are now 97 reviews posted, of which 78 give the minimum one star.

If even half of those 93 recent reviewers had purchased the book, it would be well below the 5,000 mark in sales rankings.  Indeed my suspicions can easily be confirmed by glancing through some of these “reviews.”  Most of them are from people who write that their rating is based upon the sample, and some are admitting to never having even read that much.  Like her or not, Ms. Howett’s book does not deserve to be trashed in such wholesale fashion just because of her behavior.

If you’ve purchased and read the entire book, or even a substantial portion of it if you couldn’t get through it, then fine.  I have no problem with that.  If on the other hand you’re making judgments based upon the sample alone or, even worse, what happened over on BigAl’s site, then you’re doing everyone a disservice.  As such, I would ask that you remove your review to allow a more honest and forthright appraisal of the work.  After all, even BigAl gave the book two stars, and he had some positive things to say about the plotting.

We’ve all had our fun, but now it’s time to move on.


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2 responses to “Now, a Plea on Behalf of Jacqueline Howett

  1. Betty

    I agree. I did not think the attacks on her were warranted or funny. It’s not unusual for authors – even big names – to get huffy when their work is criticized. I’ve had one bad review that I’ve never forgotten (or forgiven) and boy, does it keep me ‘umble. I did respond to the reviewer (sorry you didn’t like my book) but fortunately, it was by personal letter in those days.

  2. RJWhittaker

    I agree and did post as much on a review on Amazon. Ad hominem attacks diminish both sides. I was quite concerned about the author and her mental state. But my review was removed after a day. Not sure why as I had read a large part of the book and commented that in itself it wasn’t very good, so I was no more off topic than anyone else. I wonder why Amazon don’t let you know why your review has been removed.