Watching a Fellow Indie Author Self-Destruct

I couldn’t resist this opportunity. The following is a special second Monday blog that was just too good to pass upon.  You’ll see the link to this PR disaster in a moment.  It’s already gone viral (I hate that term) and is making the rounds in writer and reader forums throughout the Internet.  But first I want to say this:

If you decide to self-publish, one of the tasks you take on with that role is self-promotion.  It’s a tedious, thankless task requiring hours and hours of online time with often very little apparent return.  One of the better returns you can get for your time is to submit your work to an online reviewer and hope you get a good review out of it.  The danger, of course, is the occasional bad review.  If that comes along (and, thankfully in my case it hasn’t . . . yet), then the professional response should be a polite, “Thank you.  Sorry my book wasn’t your cup of tea,” and move along to the next opportunity.  Anything other than that stands to damage your reputation irrevocably and turn off potential buyers of your book.

To lovers of books, please don’t let the occasional bad apple in the indie barrel turn you off from reading other indie authors.  There really are some great ones out there.

Now, for your amusement, I present The Indie Who Would Not Shut Up.


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2 responses to “Watching a Fellow Indie Author Self-Destruct

  1. David K. Williams

    Oh my! How could someone 57-years-old, namely JH, possibly have such a thin skin? I’d be willing to edit her next tome, just to see if the woman can write, but I’m afraid I’d be told to “FO” the first time I found a glitch.

  2. “If you decide to self-publish, one of the tasks you take on with that role is self-promotion.”
    Amen!! Makes me wonder if some people (well, obviously) do not understand what concepts like “marketing” or “promotions” are to begin with.