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Thomas — The Saint of Shopping

We left Saint Martin in the evening and arrived the very next morning in Saint Thomas.  Saint Thomas is one of three large and several smaller elements of the U.S. Virgin (yeah . . . right) Islands.  I will say, however, that one of the better priced jewelers — and not just in Saint Thomas — is the Milano Diamond Gallery.  Prices are exceedingly competitive, positively blowing out of the water the more famous and ubiquitous Diamonds International/Tanzanite International (Di/Ti) stores the populate the entire Caribbean.  Milano prices were easily a third of what Di/Ti charged for similar quality and sized pieces — but you are expected to bargain to get that price down that low.  If you’re good at it, and if you wait until within an hour of sailing time, expect to get an impressive 10-carat tanzanite stone set in a pendant (Aruba outlet) for around $6,150 (originally tagged at $8,800).  At the Saint Thomas store we saw a very nice 22-stone, 32-carat tanzanite bracelet also originally listed for about $8,800 that the proprietor was willing to let go for about $6,500.  A comparable piece at Ti was listed at an exorbitant $17,000+.

Ursula and I have visited this island several times over the years, and I blogged on other points of interest including Magens Bay back in March of 2011 (St. Thomas—Sun, Sand, and Shopping).  Not a whole lot has changed since then, so instead of updating that article I’ll just post a few additional photographs shortly.  But, before I do, I’d like to mention one great little discovery we made this trip.  It’s the second-story establishment Tavern on the Waterfront.  Fun place to rest your feet, quench your thirst, and snag free WiFi so you can check your eMail.  The food looked (and smelled) very tasty, but we opted for a tasty drink called the Harbor Wave.  It’s basically a Piña Colada mixed with mango and Midori, and it’s absolutely delectable.  Ursula and I went through three of them, and these are not small drinks.

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