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Steamboat Tour — Juneau

Did you know that Juneau has a steamboat tour?  If you saw that, what kind of vessel would you expect?

Ursula and I would thinking along the lines of a paddle wheeler.  Boy, were we in for a shock.  The engine has three cylinders and generates a whopping ten horsepower.  The chugging noise that it makes is charming, but I couldn’t help but glance every now and again at the pressure gauge attached to the boiler just feet away from me.  And once again we dodged float planes at regular intervals.

Nevertheless, it was an experience I would heartily recommend for everyone.  Not only is the crew dressed in period costume, the tour guide was very knowledgeable and imparted a lot of fun historical anecdotes about Juneau and the gold rush days.

Here’s a taste of that tour:


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