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Trashy Amsterdam and the Hellhole of Schipol


Once was a great place to visit. Now, it’s pure garbage… literally. Ripped trash bags everywhere. Trash strewn about. Piles of trash on what seemed every corner. Trash floating in the canals. Trash, trash, trash. Has no one in this once great city heard of trash bins? Does no one in this city any longer give a damn about their image, or the impression given to their visitors?

And Schipol Airport? Don’t even get me started on that fiasco. Arrived over five hours early because of the security horror stories, and still almost missed our scheduled departure time by the time we got checked in (Hey, Aer Lingus, if you know there’s a problem then don’t start check-in only 144 minutes before departure) and made it through the world’s worst security (As bad as Barbados airport security is, they ain’t got nothin’ over these incompetent clowns). The security line snaked through, and even outside, the terminal for well over a mile, probably closer to two, with thousands, probably near 10,000 if not more, waiting to clear while unmanned security stations sat idle. Well over two full hours before we made it that far, only to find D gates were at least 16 minutes away, and our flight was about 20 minutes from scheduled departure. Time to start a brisk pace, weaving through the throngs of tired, weary, shellshocked, frustrated and angry travelers.

We needn’t have worried about “scheduled” departure, however. Only about three dozen of the 158 passengers for our flight had made it by that time, so Aer Lingus made the decision to delay the flight for more to get through security and complete the long trek. That delay stretched to about an hour and a half (thanks again for the ”timely” check-in opening, Aer Lingus). That in turn led Aer Lingus to delay overseas connections out of Dublin.

Total time on our feet waiting in lines at the primary airport serving this trash-strewn city: Over FIVE hours.

Suggestion: Skip Amsterdam. Stay in nearby charming, CLEAN Utrecht instead. But ONLY if you can escape the Netherlands from an airport other than that hellhole known as Schipol.


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To Hell with Russia — No more travel articles on Russian destinations

A quick note that I am in the process of removing from this blog all past published articles on travel to Russian destinations. This will take some time, so please bear with me. These articles will not be returning, either. At least not until the Russian people depose the murderous thug Vladimir Putin, and then hand him over to international authorities for trial. Until the Russian people take collective responsibility for installing to power this murderous psychopath, they deserve whatever befalls them from the internationally imposed sanctions. That includes denying Russians access to foreign currency, such as currency derived from tourism.

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The New Space Force Uniform Unveiled

The first thought to cross my mind after seeing the new uniform for Space Force:

“Klaatu Barada Nikto, Captian!”

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