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Cruising the West Coast — Mission Santa Barbara

After twenty-four hours (five spent stranded in the middle of the bay because of some idiot at Homeland Security), it was time to weigh anchor and head south.  Our next destination was Santa Barbara, a coastal gem I had yet to adequately explore before this voyage.  Our last cruise stop to Santa Barbara was spent visiting wineries and the charming Dutch community of Solvang.  This time Ursula was insistent upon viewing what Santa Barbara had to offer.

We took public transportation inland and then hoofed it to the Mission Santa Barbara, established by Spanish Franciscans in 1786.  The current mission you see below was started after the great earthquake of 1812 and completed in 1820.

The church itself is not the only attraction on this walk, however.  The area through which we made our approach on foot is repeat with splendid examples of homes in the California Spanish Colonial Revival style.

As Santa Barbara presents plenty of photographic opportunities, we’ll see more of this California coastal gem in another blog or two.  Meanwhile, enjoy the views:


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