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A Tale of Two Trips

The temperatures are moderating (finally!).  The breeze has just a hint of chill contained within it.  The Mesilla Valley remains in full bloom with green in evidence everywhere.

It must be roadster time.  And indeed it is.  A couple of weeks ago I put the roadster into the shop for some long overdo maintenance, and a couple of Fridays ago I was informed that it was roadworthy once again.  Thus, that Sunday, we washed off the grime and dust and jumped into the cockpit for one of our favorite drives — the back roads from El Paso to Old Mesilla just south of Las Cruces, New Mexico.

And what an exhilarating drive it was through fields of cotton and corn, vineyards, and beneath the outstretched shading canopies of countless pecan orchards.

Having reached our destination, we were disappointed to learn that one of our favorite eating establishments had closed.  Fortunately, there are some very delicious alternatives in and around Old Mesilla, so our backup plan became Andele’s for some pork tacos (a plate for two that would easily feed four if stretched with just one appetizer).  We were not disappointed, and that one plate served us well with leftovers a couple of days later.  The guacamole was made with rich, well-ripened avocado, and the salsa bar offered myriad choices to accompany our tacos.  And then there are those great, freshly made corn tortillas served up in a hot, foil-wrapped stack that will singe your fingers if you’re not careful.

On the way back to El Paso we dropped by the Sierra Vista Growers to peruse the flowers on hand.

All in all it was quite a day and quite a drive.  But one good roadster trip calls for yet another, which we’ll see later this week and next.  Meanwhile:

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