Chichen Itza — Wandering Around

Time to just wander around Chichen Itza and take in some of the sights. We’ll begin today with that feathered serpent’s head at the base of El Castillo pyramid that I told you about last week:


The reclining figure depicted below is a Chacmool. These statues occur throughout Mayan culture, and they depict the rain god Tlāloc. Invariably, the Chacmool is posed the same way wherever it is found — reclined, propped up on his elbows, with the head turned at right angles from the body.


The rest of Chichen Itza I’ll present to you as a photo gallery/slide show:



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5 responses to “Chichen Itza — Wandering Around

  1. Great pictures It must have been a great trip WOW
    You have to laugh to live but why not Live to Laugh!!