Chichen Itza — Bas Reliefs, Glyphs, and Stone Heads

Today we’ll look at some of the more detailed stonework available for view at Chichen Itza, beginning with the intricate Mayan bas-reliefs throughout much of the façades. But don’t ask me the significance, as I have no idea. Nevertheless, they are fascinating to photograph, and they’re all over the place:

Chichen Itza bas-relief

This one appears to depict an eagle on the right, and some sort of reptile opposite:

Chichen Itza bas-relief

Here it appears we have another bird, and perhaps a jaguar:

Chichen Itza bas-relief

I would hazard that this next one may contain some astronomical significance:

Chichen Itza bas-relief

After a bit if research, it appear that the stone head below represents the Mayan Dragon (Kukulkan) that gave birth to the world. This head recurs throughout Chichen Itza.

Kukulkan — mother of the world

On Wednesday we’ll had back over to El Castillo, a.k.a, the Temple of Kukulcán, for a closer look. Until then, here it is:

El Castillo — the Temple of Kukulcán

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