What to watch for during tonight’s presidential address

My prognostication for today:

  • Tonight the president will declare a national emergency, and announce that he’s going to dip into DoD monies to build his wall
  • He’ll then declare victory, and sign appropriations bills post haste
  • The government will be up and running by next Monday
  • His wall will then be stopped by the courts because he misallocated appropriated monies not designated by Congress for an ’emergency’ he cannot show exists, but by then he’ll have extracted himself from the no-win government shutdown position into which he placed himself


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5 responses to “What to watch for during tonight’s presidential address

  1. rogparish

    Sounds logical to me. And, in Trump-speak, it will be categorized as a “win”! I wonder who really thought of it.

  2. Luckily, there was no national emergency declared.