We Began It All in Montreal



We were back in the U.S following our transpacific cruise (subject of a later series) for a grand total of some three weeks before we were boarding yet another flight headed out of the country.  This time we were traveling to Montreal where, after two nights, we would board Holland America’s MS Maasdam for a cruise down the St. Lawrence River; around Canada’s Maritime Provinces; and a turn south for Bar Harbor, Maine; with a final destination of Boston, Massachusetts.

Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places

Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places

I’m rather glad that Ursula insisted we arrive in Montreal early, for there is much to see and do.  Even with a full day at our disposal, all we managed was Old Montreal, China Town, and Notre-Dame Basilica.  As it was we just happened to hit Montreal for the annual Tour la Nuit (which you’ll see on Fun Photo Friday).

I’ll have a lot more on most of these Montreal topics, including several blogs on the Notre-Dame Basilica, over the next several weeks.  After that we’ll hit the cruise ship and begin our journey in earnest.  Until then here’s a little to tide you over.  As always, click on any image below to bring up today’s slide show.



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  2. Great photos, as always. I remember Montreal as a lovely city – apart from the fact that it was so freaking cold when I visited that I had to buy a sweater.