Fun Photo Friday

One photo, and one photo only this time.  You can thank Ursula for this shot; she insisted we wait the extra half hour for the KLM arrival posted on that surfboard mentioned in the previous Saint Martin blog post.    As promised on Monday’s blog post on Saint Martin, here’s the prize shot of the entire cruise — a KLM Boeing 747 overflying Maho Bay Beach on approach to Princess Julianna International Airport:

DUCK! — KLM Boeing 747 over Maho Beach

DUCK! — KLM Boeing 747 over Maho Beach

And, no, this was not PhotoShopped.



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5 responses to “Fun Photo Friday

  1. Wish I could see that!

  2. David K. Williams

    Velly kewl.

  3. Great shot, Doug.

  4. Impressive! With every beach shot I make in the future, I will now wish there was a Boeing 747 in it…