Author’s Interview Announcement

Fellow blogger/author Scott Marlowe has posted today an interview he conducted a few weeks back with me via eMail.  If you’re so inclined, please take a minute out of your busy schedule and take a look at this link:  Author Interview: R. Doug Wicker

As for Scott, he has two books out in the Fantasy genre:  The Five Elements and The Hall of the Wood.  Looking at the Amazon sales ranking for the former, Scott must be doing something right.  Whatever it is, these books are also obviously bargain priced.  So, if you’re into Fantasy, then I encourage you to take a peek and see if either is to your liking.  If they are, you can’t argue that 99¢ isn’t well worth a few hours of reading pleasure.

If nothing else, please drop in on Scott and leave a little comment for him at the link above.  I’m sure he’ll appreciate the traffic and the message.



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2 responses to “Author’s Interview Announcement

  1. Thanks for the mention, sir! It was great having you on the blog today.