Cozumel Bar Hop — Parte Duo

Starting to get a bit tipsy, yet?  If not, we’ll continue with our Cozumel Bar Hop.  The Cozumel Bar Hop normally stops at four bars on the eastern shore of this small Mexican island off the coast the Yucatán across from scuba diving mecca of Playa del Carmen and just south of the mega-resort town of Cancún.  The Cozumel Bar Hop Big Four are: Punta Morena, Coconut’s, Playa Bonita, and Rasta’s.  As a reward for assembling back at the tour bus on time at each of the first three stops and for not using the barf bucket, our tour hostess added a fifth stop, El Mirador.

El Mirador translates to “The Viewpoint,” and it was here that I snagged some of the best surf shots of the trip, as well as that impressive stone arch over the water.

Here’s today’s sampling (click on an image to enlarge):



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2 responses to “Cozumel Bar Hop — Parte Duo

  1. I love Cozumel!! Been years since Ive been here and your pictures make we want to go again!!

  2. Tom

    Thanks for a great review !!!
    Cozumel Bar Hop !