Getting Lewd and Crude in New Orleans

New Orleans 58

Our latest travel excursion began on Saturday, January 19, with a flight to New Orleans to snag a ride on NCL’s Star the following day for a trip around the western Caribbean.  After that rather disappointing meal at Maspero’s, we hit the streets to visit a few of our favorite art Galleries, including Galerie D’Art Francaise.  But in leaving the galleries and returning to the streets we noticed a buzz growing.

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As it turns out, there are several Mardi Gras-related parades through the French Quarter, and not just on Mardi Gras.  Many of these mini parades (called “Krewe du Vieux”) occur in the weeks preceding Mardi Gras.  This Saturday evening turned out to be one of those mini parades.  The “theme” for this particular outing was “Lewd,” we found out later much to our chagrin.  As such, many of my photographs of this event are not printable in my blog.

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So, not knowing precisely what New Orleans had in store for us this night, we stood locked in placed for nearly two hours, held tight by a crush of humanity.  Eventually our patience was rewarded with a rather graphic display of floats and paraders.

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  1. David K. Williams

    “Shocking. Simply shocking.” Hehe.