Fun Photo Friday

Been a while since we’ve done one of these.  The following randomly selected photographs were taken during a fourteen-day voyage from Boston to New Orleans aboard the Norwegian Spirit in October of 2010.  That is, in fact, a hint as to what Ursula and I have planned for this upcoming spring.

As always, if there is a photograph you would like to see enlarged, just click on it:


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3 responses to “Fun Photo Friday

  1. David K. Williams

    Flame eating accident? Are you sure its not the Invisible Man?

  2. Great photos as always. I love the pastel-coloured Dutchness of Curacao and New Orleans is always beautiful.

    The Norwegian Spirit is one of the many cruise liners built by the Meyer shipyard at Papenburg. Papenburg is a very small town – approx. 35000 inhabitants – and lies on the river Ems approx. thirty kilometers inland from the North Sea coast. The Meyer yard originally build ferries, inland water vessels and other smaller ships, until they started getting into the cruise liner business. in the 1980s. Now the river Ems is quite small and narrow – almost too narrow for massive cruise liners. The cruise liners can only travel the thirty kilometers to the North Sea when the tide is high and the Ems flood barrier has been closed and even then there sometimes are only three inches of space between the sluicegate walls and the hull of the vessel.

    The cruise liner transfers along the river Ems are really fascinating to watch, because you basically get a giant cruise liner towering over the flat coastal landscape. Here are two photos (not mine) of what it looks like. The Norwegian Spirit made that trip as well.

  3. I like the cruise ship tied up at a palm tree shot. And the horse and buggy one.