May 2013 Bring You Peace, Happiness, and Prosperity

2012.  It was a hell of a year, but it’s finally over.  What good can be said of this past year?  Well, the Mayans blew it, and SEAL Team Six didn’t.  If that’s not at least two things about which to be grateful, I don’t know what is.  As for the rest, well . . . .

But things are looking up.  The wars of the past dozen-plus years are finally winding down.  The effects of the economic crashes of 2007 and 2008 and the resulting world-wide depression are finally fading.   Both the housing and the investment markets are looking up while unemployment continues to head down.

May the Fireworks Last Throughout the Year

Of course, nobody’s life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session, but it appears that the adults have finally taken charge and are pulling us back from that stupid, self-inflicted, near-catastrophe called “the Fiscal Cliff” — an idiotic name for an idiotic idea brought to us by a bunch of idiotic legislators who don’t know how to do their idiotic jobs despite their idiotic, overblown salaries.

Let us now hope that they head out of D.C. for a “well-deserved” break . . . perhaps, say, for the rest of the year or so, because that’s about the only time those same legislators seem to actually “earn” their salaries if you base those salaries in terms of not doing damage to the nation and the citizenry.

May the New Year Bring You and Yours Happiness, Peace, and Prosperity

But today is not the day to dwell on the negative.  It’s a time to peer toward the future with a sense of optimism and hope.  So, let me express with enthusiastic optimism my sincerest hope that each and every one of you has a wonderful 2013.

Things are Looking Up like a Skyrocket on the Fourth of July



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7 responses to “May 2013 Bring You Peace, Happiness, and Prosperity

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  2. C.J. Wyszomirski

    Hi Our Doug, Love your fireworks photos. Spectacular!

  3. David K. Williams

    I have a friend who is incredibly superstitious about the number “13,” so if she makes it through the year unscathed, perhaps it will cure her of this phobia! Happy 2013*******