Random Photo Week — Monday

Believe it or not, we almost hit 70° (21° Celsius) again on Saturday.  So, for probably the last time this season, out came the roadster for one last fling.  This trip, like the one a couple of weeks ago, took us to San Elizario, but this time we went for the second annual Holiday Market, were artisans and craftsmen displayed for sale their various wares.  Oddly, the fall colors were even more spectacular this trip than just two weeks ago, even though most foliage in the El Paso area have long passed their optimum viewing.

However, I’m sure you’re by now getting tired of reading about roadsters and road trips, and I’ve been accumulating an array of other interesting photographs over the course of the past month that are starting to get stale.  So, this week I’m running a three-part series of just plan, ol’, interesting photographs taken not only this past Saturday, but over the past three weeks as well.  You’ll see a searing sunset, a colossal cloud, archaic architecture, holiday hubbub, and nifty photographic conversions to black and white.

I’ll start off with my favorite shot from today’s collection:

A Fun Composition

A Fun Composition

Click on any image in the gallery below to see a larger version:



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3 responses to “Random Photo Week — Monday

  1. David K. Williams

    Tired of road trips? Never!

  2. Lovely photos as always, R. Doug.

    And while you had 21°C on Saturday, we had minus 9°C Saturday night and lots of snow.