Of Road Trips, Restaurants, and Recreation — Part 2

Along the way to Old Mesilla we took a route we’d not taken in the past.  This particular route placed us between I-10 to the east and the farmlands and orchards through which we normally traveled to the west.  Along the way we found ourselves slipping in behind the dairy farms that lay along I-10 between El Paso and Las Cruces and heading through cattle ranches and horse farm country.

As we motored along the main street into Mesilla we were distracted by a very colorful display of chili ristras and hand-painted furniture off our right.  Ristras are made after the annual chili harvest by stringing together chilies (usually red) so that they may dry out.  These dried chili pods are then ground into powder or used throughout the year to make chili sauces.  In making sauces, the dried pods are slit, the stems, seeds, and interior ribs removed, and soaked in hot water until rehydrated and ready for blending with other ingredients such as garlic, onion, broth, and thickening agents.  (click on images below for larger versions)

Once we hit Mesilla and had lunch (see Monday’s review of La Posta de Mesilla New Mexican Restaurant) we strolled around town a bit.  I’ve already blogged about and displayed photographs of this area, so I won’t bore you with a lot of detail.  Anyway, here are the photographs from this particular trip (click on images to see larger size):



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4 responses to “Of Road Trips, Restaurants, and Recreation — Part 2

  1. Wonderful pictures. I love the Willow trees and the colors of the chilies.

  2. Spectacular pictures! A virtual maelstrom of color.

  3. I love those chilis. I’d certainly buy a bunch, if I were to drive past that place. Chilis are always in demand in our household. Love the cheery colourful furniture, too.

    And the manger scene in the roof of the Billy the Kid gift shop is unintentionally funny.