El Paso Fall Colors 2012 — Part 2

And so we continued motoring through the once agricultural areas along the Rio Grande in El Paso’s Upper Valley.  The temperatures were coolish, but not uncomfortably so as we swept along tree-lined streets lined with stately homes.  The roadster’s roof was stowed, the windows were rolled down, and the wind wrapped its caressing embrace about our heads.  Frequently we would pull over, Ursula would hand me the G1 X, and I would compose the shot by holding the camera up over the windshield or to either side of the roadster.

Fall really is the best time of year here in El Paso.  Below are today’s fall foliage photos.  One rather fun shot is of a statue carved from a large tree trunk, her smiling face framed by the colors of the season as she stands guard at an opening in a low rock wall.


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