Annular Eclipse El Paso Style

This didn’t work out quite as well as I’d hoped, but probably a bit better than it should have.  Therefore, I’ll make this a brief, unscheduled blog entry.

Equipment:  A Panasonic ZS6 travel zoom pocket camera; a carbon fiber monopod for stability; a square of #14 welder’s glass for protection—both eye and camera sensor.

Below are the sequence of photos taken with this make-shift setup, as well as some views of the eclipse as filtered through tree leaves and projected upon a wall.

Don’t worry.  I’ll still get three interesting blogs out to you over my normal blog days.  Meanwhile:



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3 responses to “Annular Eclipse El Paso Style

  1. David K. Williams

    Ah, the welder’s glass explains the greenish tint.

  2. Linda

    I like!! Too far north to see it – so appreciate your pics.

  3. Glad you enjoyed them, Linda.