In Bruges—Part 3

Today is our third and final look at Bruges, Belgium, before we once again board Holland America‘s MS Ryndam for our final port of call.

No trip through a medieval European city is complete without a drop by the ubiquitous town church, and Bruges is no different.  In European travels, remember your ABCs—Another Bloody Church/Cathedral/Castle.

In the case of Bruges, that hometown church is the magnificent Church of Our Lady.  Inside the Church of Our Lady you’ll find the tombs of Charles the Bold (Duchy of Burgundy)and his daughter Mary of Burgundy.  These tombs are marked by ornate bronze sculptures lying upon intricately decorated beds of polished black stone.

The tombs of Charles and Mary are not the only treasures you’ll find here, however.  Have your camera ready to capture the Madonna of Bruges, an original marble sculpture by none other than the incomparable Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni, more commonly known as simply Michelangelo.  Madonna of Bruges is believed to be the only Michelangelo sculpture to have left Italy during Michelangelo’s lifetime.

On Monday, at the start of this series on Bruges, I mentioned the fabulously satirical film In Bruges.  Many of the pictures you’ve seen this week were locations for scenes in this movie.  After this week’s series on Bruges, do yourself a favor and put In Bruges in your Netflix queue.

Until then, enjoy some more scenes of Bruges:



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5 responses to “In Bruges—Part 3

  1. You know, I can never get enough of the ABCs! My sons were about to kill me in England, but I cannot help myself. 🙂

  2. Linda

    Once again Doug, you have captured the beauty of Bruges through your photos! Thank you for sharing. I have to go get the movie.

  3. We’re going to Belgium in September and are planning to spend a few days in Bruges. You’ve reminded me that we must watch In Bruges again before we go.

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  5. Beautiful images of these timeless city, Doug. 😉